Thursday, 2 June 2011


Hey all!

I’ve been pretty busy for the past few days so I had to take a little break from blogging, but I’m back! Lately I’ve been very much enjoying my summer thanks to the amazing weather we are having. It’s so nice to be able to shed those layers of clothing and enjoy the outdoors.  My past few days have been filled with tanning sessions (unfortunately in my backyard as opposed to the beach haha), bonfires, barbeques, walks in the park, and a blue jays game!

Last Friday I also went to a pretty sweet bar. It’s called Barchef and it is located in downtown Toronto.  It’s a pretty expensive bar but I would definitely recommend it for the experience. The bartenders are really nice guys and the bar is very classy and elegant (check out the gallery on their site).  To start off my friend and I both had a 25$ drink. Mine was called the Sailor’s Mojito, which looked like this:

The drink tasted as amazing as it looked. First the bartender told me to slide the green jelly ball to the left of the picture into my mouth and pressed it up against the roof of my mouth. When I did, the jelly ball popped and released a burst of lime flavour. Next I had to smell the smoke and then drink. The smoke had a nice vanilla scent to it, and the Mojito basically tasted like a really strong vanilla mint Mojito.

My friend had the Mad Man which was also 25$ (see below). It was a very manly drink with a strong whiskey taste. He was instructed to chew the tobacco and cherry flavored jelly, then smell the smoke and take a sip of the drink with the jelly still in his mouth.

Next we each had a 12$ drink which were also very good but not as amazing to look at as the first two haha. I definitely had a good time, but for me this is more of a one time thing. The money was worth the experience but I think I will stick to my cheap beer until I get some extra cash :)

Tomorrow I will be hitting up the casino with a few friends. The casino is not really my thing but it’s a good friend’s birthday so I feel pretty obligated to go. I think I’ll cap myself at 50$. Wish me luck, although I am already accepting the fact that I will probably be coming home with nothing!